PEMETAAN KARAKTERISTIK TANAH KOTA PAGAR ALAM (studi kasus : Karakteristik Tanah Kecamatan Pagar Alam Utara)

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M. Sang Gumilar


city of  Pagar Alam has an area ±63.366 Ha (monografi kota pagaralam,2013). During this time the people of Pagar Alam City his specialty is north Pagar Alam there is no reference to know the state of the soil type, With the absence of information on soil characteristics in the city of Pagar Alam, an analysis of the characteristics of the land is carried out, especially in the area of ​​North Pagar Alam. Therefore in this research will be analyzed soil characteristics and researchers also aims to map and Know the Type Characteristics and soil districts north Pagar Alam of city Pagar Alam. Mapping, is a picture that exists from the surface of this earth which are depicted in the plane in certain projection, So it can be concluded that the mapping is a process done in the form of measuremen, calculation and description of the surface of the earth by using a particular method or method. The soil is a layer of the earth's surface derived from a parent material that has undergone further processing, because of natural changes under the influence of water, air, and various kinds of living organisms as well as dead ones (Dokuchaev 1870). After 20 tests of soil samples, it can be seen and seen from the map of interpolated sub-districts and overlay that the land in the North Pagar Alam District has sandy Lanau soil types, including good graded sandy soil of 36, 46% with an area of ​​19, 69 km2 of total area of ​​54 km2 and poor graded sandy soil of 44.25% with an area of ​​23.90 km2. Of a total area of ​​54 km2

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