Peer Reviewe Process

BERING'S will publish the only paper that strictly follows the BERING'S guidelines and the preparation of the manuscript. These papers are read by editorial members (in the field of specialization) and will be screened by the Managing Editor to meet the required criteria of BERING'S publications. Manuscripts will be sent to reviewers based on their historical experience in reviewing the manuscript or based on their area of ​​specialization. BERING'S has a review form to keep the same items reviewed by two reviewers. Then the editorial board will make a decision on reviewers' comments or suggestions. Reviewers will give their assessment of originality, clarity of presentation, contribution to the field / science, BERING'S has four types of decisions:

  1. Accepted, as is
  2. Received by Minor Revisions (let the authors revised with the specified time
  3. Received by the Great Revision (let the authors revise the time specified)
  4. Rejected (generally, with reasons beyond the scope and objectives, main technical description problems, lack of clarity of presentation)

To examine Plagiarism, the BERING'S Editorial Board will screen plagiarism using a maximum of 30% Turnitin Program. If an indication of plagiarism is found, the editorial board will immediately reject the manuscript. Before publication, a written confirmation from the author is required to obtain copyright for the paper published in the journal. Authors must sign the Transfer Copy Rights form as follows: The undersigned transfer any and all rights in and to paper including without limitation all copyrights to BETRIK. The undersigned hereby declares and warrants that the paper is genuine and that he is the author of the paper, except for material that is clearly identified as the original source, with permission from the copyright owner if necessary. The undersigned declares that he has the power and authority to make and carry out this assignment. This agreement must be signed by at least one of the authors who has obtained approval from a co-author if applicable.

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