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sri wahyuni nengsih
Ibnu Alfian
Dimas Aji
Saeful Anwar


: The 2013 school year curriculum for admission of new students has undergone changes where the determination of the majors is usually done at the time of advancement of class XI, now prospective students are required to choose a major at the time of entering high school registration. Determining the department of SMA Negeri 21 Bandung using student report cards grades from semester 1 to 5. This of course will take a long time in the process of determining the majors, as well as the curriculum section which still uses manual methods to make mistakes in determining majors. The cause of the students being wrong in determining the major is not recognizing the characteristics of each department, not recognizing their interests and talents. Based on the problems that have been described, a solution can be proposed to group the direction using the K-Means Clustering method. This method is used to classify and analyze data into machine learning and produce information from a data analysis. The purpose of this study is to facilitate the curriculum section in determining majors and there are no mistakes for students in administering majors. The results of grouping in determining the majors of SMA Negeri 21 Bandung using the K-Means method get 3 clusters. Cluster_0 5 students do not enter 2 majors, cluster_1 142 social studies students and cluster_2 177 science students and this greatly facilitates the curriculum in determining majors. Solution for the part of SMA Negeri 21 Bandung to be more careful in determining the majors.

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wahyuni nengsih, sri, Ibnu Alfian, Dimas Aji, & Saeful Anwar. (2021). ANALISIS PENGELOMPOKAN PENENTUAN JURUSAN SISWA SMA MENGGUNAKAN METODE K-MEANS CLUSTERING. JURNAL ILMIAH BETRIK : Besemah Teknologi Informasi Dan Komputer, 12(3), 242-248. Retrieved from


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