Author Guidlines

❖ Betrik Journal Betrik

Journal is a peer-reviewed journal, which is published three times a year by the Research and Community Service Institute for the Society of Pagar Alam College in April, August and October. Betrik publishes original research articles or article reviews.

The purpose of this journal is to provide a place for academics, researchers and practitioners to publish their original research articles or review articles. Betrik is available in print and online. Indonesian is the language used in this journal.

The scope of articles published covers various topics in the fields of Information Technology and Communication Technology such as Software Engineering, Programming, Web Programming, Mobile Applications, Networking, Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia.

❖ Submission Procedures

Writers must submit their manuscript to the managing editor through Authors are required to register and assign a personal ID and login. To submit a manuscript, the author must enter as 'author' via the 'enter' tab in the right corner of the main page. After that, you can send your script. We prefer that the script be sent as a Word file. Please note that PDF is not an acceptable file format.

❖ Review Policies

Manuscripts submitted are subject to review by the editorial team and peer reviewers who are experts and familiar with the relevant field of research. After the review process, the Implementing Editor will notify the author of acceptance, rejection, or revision requirements.

❖ Open Access Policy

This journal provides direct open access to its content with principles that make research accessible to the public.

Paper Format

The word limit for submissions is 4000-10000 words, A4 paper two column format. The manuscript must contain: title; abstract; three to five keywords; introduction; method (for original research articles); analysis and discussion; conclusion; and bibliography.

Title of

Subtitles The following titles must be provided in the manuscript. Main titles, sub-headings and sub-headings may not be numbered in the text:



headings Sub-headings Headings heading

✓ Headings The

titles are written in Indonesian 14 pt Times New Roman Bold and preferably not more than 12 words. Enter the author's name, email and affiliation under the title.

✓ Abstract

Abstract must be clear, concise and descriptive. The abstract must provide a brief introduction to the problem, the purpose of the article, followed by a statement about the method (if the manuscript comes from the research report) and a brief summary of the results. Abstract written in English and Indonesian. Times New Roman font 11 pt and between 250 and 300 words.

✓ Keywords

Keywords are arranged alphabetically and must have at least three to five keywords separated by semicolons (;) and must refer to the title.

✓ Introduction The

introduction must be clear and provide the issues discussed in the text. At the end of the paragraph, the author must end with a comment or conclusion (if the text is derived from the research report) about the identification of the problem and the purpose of the study.

✓ Method

This method is written descriptively and must provide a statement about the research method. This method is optional, and only for original research articles.

✓ Analysis and Discussion

Sub-analysis and discussion contain the results of the analysis and discussion of the research objectives. Conclusions must erase, concise, and answer the problem. Don't repeat the abstract or restate the results of the experiment. Next, provide clear scientific justification.

✓ References

References are at the end of the manuscript. All cited publications must be included as a Reference list, arranged alphabetically. The year of publication is at least ten years for books and five years for journals. Numbering format: Direct quote: 0.5 indents, spaces 1.

Book with a single author: Romsan, Achmad. 2016. Alternative Conflict Resolution. Malang: Issuance of Intrans.

Books with more than three authors: Warsito, Happy., Annalisa Yahanan, Ahmad Romsan, Nashriana and Vegitya Ramadani Putri. 2010. Legal System in Indonesia. Palembang: Sriwijaya Press University.

Book with editors: Irianto, Sulistyowati (red). 2009. Legal Movements: An Overview of Legal Anthropology. Jakarta: Indonesian Torch Foundation.

Book Chapter: Salawati Mat Basir, Rohani Abdul Rahim, "Migration of Migrant Workers and Restoration to the International Migration Regime," in Kamal Halili Hassan (red), Foreign Workers and Migration in Legislation Issues, pp. 27-38.

Journal article: Irwansyah. 2013. "The Footprint of Environmental Democracy in Law Number 32 Year 2009." Journal of Legal Studies Amanna Gappa. 21 (2).

World Wide Web: British Broadcasting Corporation. 2012. Noken Papua Gets Recognition of UNESCO. Available at: ita_indonesia / 2012/12 / 121205_noken _unesco. [retrieved: May 16, 2015].

Kompas newspaper. 2016. November 14th.

 Quotations are given in footnotes.

Arief, MR (2011). Dynamic Web Programming Using PHP and MySQL. Yogyakarta: Andi Offset.

Ichwan, M. (2011). Delphi 7 & MySQL Database Programming. Bandung: Informatics.

Marlena, N., & Sasongko, D. (2012). Making a Profile Website in the State Junior High School 2 Kartasura. Speed ​​Journal.

Nilasari, S. (2014). Jago Makes Free & Fast Website. Jakarta: World of Computers.

Sugiyono (2011). Qualitative Quantitative Research Methods and R&D. Bandung: Cv Alfabeta.

Suhartanto, M. (2012). Making the State 3 Delangu Middle School Website by Using PHP and MySQL. Journal of Speed-Center for Engineering and Educational Research.

Sulaini, I. (2014). Internet for Beginners. Yogyakarta: Deepublish.

Sutarman (2003). Building Web Applications with PHP and MySQL. Yogyakarta: Graha Science.

Utomo, B., & Bakara, C. (2013). Making the Ngrampal 1 Public Middle School Profile Web Using PHP and MySQL. UNSA's FTI National Computer and Informatics Research Seminar.

 Quotation style: Please use "Note" instead of Ibid, Loc.cit, Op.cit, etc.

For Example: Surya Ali. Note 2. p. 12.

Style citing laws and regulations: Law 1999 No. 39 About Human Rights.

Law No. 32 of 2009 concerning Environmental Protection and Management (State Gazette No. 140 of 2009); Additional State Gazette No. 5059).

Republic of Indonesia Government Regulation No. 3 of 2001 concerning Aviation Safety and Security.

Presidential Regulation No. 87 of 2016 concerning the Task Force to Eradicate Illegal Levies.

Presidential Decree No.50 of 1993 concerning the National Commission on Human Rights.

South Sumatra Province Regulation No. 1 of 2008 concerning Provincial Revenues and Expenditures, Budget 2008.

Web sources: Must be quoted as:

Goldacre, B. (2008b) Trivial Disputes. Bad Knowledge. Weblog. [Online] Available from: (retrieved: June 19, 2008).

Ramalho, R., Helffrich, G., Schmidt, DN & Vance, D. (2010) Lifter tracking and subsidence in the Cape Verde islands. Journal of the Geological Society. [Online] 167 (3), 519-538. Available from: doi: 10.1144 / 0016- 76492009-056 (retrieved: June 14, 2010).

Proceeding: Must be quoted as the original source.

✓ Images / Graphics

Numbers must be legible clearly and have at least 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) resolution for the best print quality.

✓ Table

Table is made with an open model (without vertical lines).

Ethics Publication

PublBetrik is a peer-reviewed journal that is committed to maintaining and upholding the ethical standards of publications. All articles that do not meet this standard will be removed from publication at any time even after publication. This statement explains the ethical behavior of all parties involved in the

act of publishing articles in this journal, including authors, editor-in-chiefs, editorial boards, peer reviewers and publishers (LPPM Pagar Alam College of Technology). This statement is based on the COPE Best Practices Guidelines for Journal Editor.

LPPM Pagar Alam College as Betrik publisher carries out its responsibilities as trustees over all stages of publishing seriously and we recognize our ethical behavior and other responsibilities. We are committed to ensuring that advertising, reprints, or other commercial revenues do not have an impact or influence on editorial decisions. In addition, the LPPM Pagar Alam College and Editorial Board will assist in communication with other journals and / or publishers if necessary.

❖ Copyright and Permissions

By sending a manuscript to the editor or publisher you are deemed to have given permission to publish the manuscript.


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