Besemah Informatics and Computer Technology (BETRIK) (ISSN : 2339-1871) and (E-ISSN : 2715-7369) is a journal that published by LPPM Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Pagar Alam, Indonesia. Journal published in April 2013, which is Volume 1, No.1 Year 2013.Besemah Informatics and Computer Technology (BETRIK) published a journal three times a year in month April, October and December.Besemah Informatics and Computer Technology (BETRIK) is a national journal published by the Research and Service Institute (LPPM), Pagar Alam Institute of Technology (STTP). Betrik Journal Published, with topics related to Information and Communication Technology issues including Software Engineering, Programming, Mobile Applications, Networking, Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia. The Scientific Journal BETRIK is a peer journal -National review dedicated to the exchange of high quality research results in all aspects of education and teaching. This journal publishes the latest works in basic theory, experiments and simulations, as well as applications, with systematically proposed methods, adequate reviews of previous works, extended discussions and conclusions. As our commitment to the advancement of education and teaching, the BETRIK Journal follows an open access policy that allows published articles to be available online for free without subscribing. Daftar Isi

Published: 2021-04-06

Aplikasi Jasa Wedding Organizer Berbasis Web Di Kota Pagar Alam

Siti Muntari, Risnaini Masdalipa (Author)


model Model of Malware Spread on Computer Networks

fairuzabietamam fairuz (Author)